Business moguls, retailers , petty traders and anyone in Nigeria can now get paid and send money using just their phone numbers at zero transaction cost. Cool, right?

Here's the thrill - Everyone who owns a Nigerian phone number has an active Eyowo account already and you can pay them directly on that number.

If they prefer traditional bank transfers, we got them covered as well.


On Eyowo, you can send money to any phone number

  1. Go to your home screen.

  2. Tap on Send to phone.

  3. Tap on Enter phone number.

  4. Enter Amount, Phone Number & Transaction remark.

  5. To send a message to the recipient, toggle on either the Notify Receiver via SMS? or the Notify receiver via Whatsapp? options.

  6. Tap on the Send Money Now button.

  7. Enter your password.


You can also send to any bank account

  1. Go to your home screen.

  2. Tap on Send to bank.

  3. Tap on Enter bank details.

  4. Enter Amount.

  5. Select Bank.

  6. Enter account number.

  7. Tap on the Verify customer button. (If the account details entered are correct, the account owner’s name and amount to be sent will appear).

  8. Enter the transaction remark.

  9. Tap on the Send to bank button.

  10. `Enter your password.

You will now see a payment confirmation screen. On this screen, toggle on the  “Save this bank account for later?” button if you will need to save the account number.

Yeah, you just successfully transferred money to a bank account on Eyowo.

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