Paying your financial dependants, staff or a vendor doesn't need to be so much mental task and headache.

You can now save time and automate your transactions by scheduling a one time or recurring payments on Eyowo.


You have a debt or financial commitment and you know just when the money would hit your account, set the date and time and make your word your bond. 

While making a payment, rather than hit the Send Money Now button, hit the Schedule this payment. Here's how to pay anyone. 

Start with toggling off the Make this recurring option.

  1. Set the date and time.

  2. Tap on Schedule this payment

  3. Authenticate.


You probably pay dues, tithes or levies periodically. Maybe, you send money to your relatives or pay salaries regularly.

Automate your transactions by scheduling your payments over a period.

  1. Ensure the Make this recurring? button is toggled on.

  2. Set frequency.

  3. Set start date.

  4. Set time.

  5. Tap on Schedule this payment

  6. Authenticate

Make your word your bond, never fail on a promised payment.

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