Need to pay for your Spotify or Netflix subscription? Or you just want to run sponsored ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Eyowo Cards got you covered! 

Guess what?? It's absolutely free to create your first dollar card!

However, the subsequent creation of dollar cards will be charged at $0.50

Let's get started 🥁

How do I create one?

To start using the card for your online purchases, you will have to fund the card.

Once you are logged in on the Eyowo mobile app:

1.Tap on More from the home screen.

2.Tap on Eyowo Cards.

3.Tap on the Create Card button at the bottom of the screen.

4.Enter the funding amount (minimum of $5 for creating and funding).

5.Enter your First Name.

6.Enter your Last Name.

7.Tap on the Proceed button at the bottom of the screen.

8.Enter your password to confirm the transaction.

The information required for dollar card creation is BVN, your full name, and amount, that’s all.

The Naira equivalent of the amount you are funding your card with will now be deducted from your Eyowo balance (You get to see the current conversion rate while funding).

Your card is now funded and you are good to go.

NOTE: Eyowo cards are denominated in US Dollars. 

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